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Welcome to the Blueberry Inn
Welcome to the Blueberry Inn

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    Tiramisu  £3.95

Traditional Italian coffee based dessert with cream, mascarpone, marsala and cocoa. The perfect 'pick me up'


Lemon Cheesecake  £3.95

Creamy, sweet and citrusy. Crumbly base with a smooth creamy filling. An excellent after dinner pudding


Creme Brulee  £3.95

Classic creamy dessert. Rich vanilla custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel


Chocolate Fudge Cake  £3.95

A must for chocolate lovers. A hearty serving of warm chocolate fudge cake with a choice of vanilla ice cream or cream


Raspberry Tartlet  £3.95

Mini shortcrust pastry with a succulent raspberry filling, served with fresh cream


Classic Italian Affogato  £3.50

The Italian classic is just about the simplest dessert around and possibly the most delicious. Vanilla ice cream drowned in hot espresso


Sticky Toffee Pudding  £3.95

Homemade sticky toffee pudding sliced served with hot toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream


Ice Cream Selection  £3.50

Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream, squirty cream, chocolate and raspberry sauces


Profiteroles  £3.95

Choux buns filled with cream, accompanined by a Belgian chocolate sauce. These perfect little mouthfuls make the perfect after dinner treat



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Alfreds Bar & Grill

Don't forget to pay a visit to the Alfreds bar and grill website.


If you are staying at the Blueberry Inn but fancy a change, Alfreds bar and grill offer a fantastic early bird menu for only £9.95. Sourcing only fresh and local produce with everything made to order

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