The Blueberry Inn
The Blueberry Inn
Welcome to the Blueberry Inn
Welcome to the Blueberry Inn

.................Breakfast at the Blueberry..............


 (Please note we only  source quality ingredients) £6.95 



The Blueberry Full English 

Bevans Sausages, Fried or Scrambled Egg, Back Bacon,
Beans, Tomato, Hash Brown, Mushrooms and Black Pudding


Vegetarian Breakfast 

Hash Browns, Beans, Tomato, Fried or Scrambled Egg, and


Poached Egg on Toast (v)


Gravlax and Scrambled egg on toast 

Smoked Scottish salmon, seasoned eggs served on brown
or white toast


The Blueberry Omelette 

Made to order choose from a selection of fillings such as:

 Tomato, Mushroom, Onion, Cheese and Ham




Sausage and bacon

 Bevans sausage and Back bacon served in brown or white bread


The Ultimate breakfast sandwich

 Bevans sausage, Back bacon, fried egg and hash brown


Vegetarian sandwich

 Hash brown, fried egg and tomato




Hot Drinks

 (Free refills available with Americano and Tea)



 Espresso and hot water 


 Espresso and steamed milk 


 Espresso, steamed milk and steamed froth 


Hot Chocolate

 Cadbury chocolate powder and steamed milk 

Breakfast Tea

 100% natural

Earl Grey Tea

 Twinings tea with the flavour of bergamot and lemon




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Alfreds Bar & Grill

Don't forget to pay a visit to the Alfreds bar and grill website.


If you are staying at the Blueberry Inn but fancy a change, Alfreds bar and grill offer a fantastic early bird menu for only £9.95. Sourcing only fresh and local produce with everything made to order

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